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Ken & Bethne

Even after being married for 36 years, Ken and Bethne from Dargaville still have the look of a couple who are very much in love, and they know only too well what a difference your donations to Cancer Society make for cancer patients and their families.

During a routine blood test, Ken’s doctor discovered he had elevated levels of PSA – a key marker for prostate cancer. He was referred for a biopsy and CT scan which confirmed the diagnosis.

“Cancer is in my family - mum died of bone cancer and my father and grandfather both died of prostate cancer so I was a bit worried.”

Because of his family history, Ken was referred for an MRI – thankfully the results were good – the cancer was still confined to his prostate.

He underwent eight months of treatment to help shrink the tumour followed by seven weeks of radiotherapy at Auckland Hospital.

Bethne had been through bowel cancer herself 10 years previously, but as she explains:

“It was actually harder seeing Ken go through everything - I think I’d rather be the one who has it. I like to have control; if it’s my thing then I can control how I react to it.”

Thankfully because of your support, Ken was able to stay at Domain Lodge for the duration of his radiotherapy. As Bethne explains:

“Because I am working I couldn’t be with Ken for the whole time which made it harder - in all our years together it’s the longest time we’ve been apart. But I felt lucky that we had Domain Lodge – it’s so friendly. It was good to know Ken had people around – he wasn’t isolated.”

Bethne and Ken were also grateful for the support of Ken’s Cancer Society nurses - both back home in Dargaville and while Ken was staying at Domain Lodge. As Bethne explains:

“Anything we weren’t sure of we would ask, and they explained things in layman’s terms. In my work I’m used to giving out information and doing the organising - but it’s completely different when you’re on the other side.”

Your donations help keep Domain Lodge running – you have made a world of difference for Ken and Bethne and for the many hundreds of other cancer patients and families who stay here each year. Thank you.


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