Four surgeries and still going strong

TrevorI have always been a fit person; I often enjoy cycling, tramping and even climbing mountains. So when I started to lose weight I went to my doctor who referred me for a colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

The tests showed that I had celiac disease – I stuck to a special diet and soon regained the weight I had lost. However, during a routine follow-up, doctors discovered a worrying mass in my bowel – a biopsy confirmed it was cancer.

Despite the shock of the diagnosis, I took the surgery in my stride. All seemed to be going well and I tried to put the cancer behind me… but a follow up appointment two years later identified more cancer in my bowel.

A second surgery followed but this time the cancer had spread. I needed to have part of my right lung removed. More bad news was to follow when a follow up scan identified a mass in my liver.

This was the major one. I saw the surgeon and he said ‘this is a big operation... you may not survive this one’.

Thankfully the surgery went well and three months later I began 12 rounds of chemo.

Throughout it all, I have been very grateful for the support I have received from Cancer Society.

Cancer Society answered all the questions I couldn’t answer myself. They gave me lots of information which really helped.

I have also had home visits from my Cancer Society nurse, Susan.

Susan has been fantastic. Very supportive, you couldn’t wish for better...I feel extremely lucky for all the people I’ve met along the way. Without my cancer I would never have known all that existed, so in a funny way it’s been beneficial from my point of view.

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