Nikki's New Year

Nikki and Stu

Nikki and best mate Stu enjoying some quality time together

When Nikki was diagnosed with breast cancer it came as a shock. Her first thoughts were for her family - husband Garrie, 17 year old Louise and Ben who was just 15.

Thankfully because of your support, and that of other generous donors like you, Nikki was able to reach out to Robin, her Cancer Society nurse. As she explains:

“Having someone like Robin made a big difference. I knew she was telling me the truth…she never told me it was all going to be alright but she told me she would help and that was very reassuring. She said at the beginning ‘we will get through this together’ and she meant it.”

Nikki underwent surgery followed by six rounds of chemotherapy and intensive radiotherapy. She is thankful to be facing the New Year with her cancer treatment behind her:

“I’m picking up my life again. The further away I get from the end of my treatment, the more I look forward. Everything was put on the back burner including myself - I wouldn’t look even a week ahead let alone further out, but now I am booking things six to eight months ahead – it feels good!”

Nikki is now on the road to recovery.

However there are still many other people going through cancer who will benefit from your support. Thank you.

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