Cancer Trials New Zealand

Cancer Trials New Zealand (CTNZ) was set up in January 2003, with the help of a six year seeding grant from the Cancer Society Auckland, to develop and support clinical trial research in New Zealand. CTNZ is a national group based at the University of Auckland under the leadership of Professor Michael Findlay.

The vision of CTNZ is to provide patients with the best treatment outcome through continuous improvement of cancer care through research.

Most commonly cancer trials aim to:
  • Evaluate new forms of surgical, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment
  • Control symptoms such as pain and sickness
  • Assess options for helping people cope with the emotional aspects of cancer

Since its inception, CTNZ has successfully brought together numerous ideologies from scientists, doctors and researchers throughout New Zealand.

The first clinical trials conducted by CTNZ have now completed recruitment and data collection. The final results from these studies will be published in medical journals and presented at international conferences.

With a busy portfolio of ongoing projects and developing new concepts, CTNZ continues to work towards improving cancer care.

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