Frequently asked questions

What does Cancer Society New Zealand do?

Cancer Society New Zealand is a national community-based organisation of staff and volunteers whose mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer. We achieve this mission by:

  • leading research to better prevent cancers
  • influencing public policy for quality cancer care everywhere in New Zealand
  • focusing support programs on the greatest needs of patients and supporters
What kind of support does the Society provide for people living with cancer and their family and friends?

Cancer Society New Zealand offers a number of supportive care services for people living with cancer, including:

  • practical advice and support
  • Information service and helpline
  • counselling & psychology
  • local transportation assistance

For more information, please contact your local Cancer Society New Zealand office or search your region to find out what's available in your community.

There is a toll-free information service 0800 CANCER 226 237 for anyone with cancer-related questions. The Cancer Information Service can provide information on treatment options, prevention and early detection, support services, and many more topics of concern.

Learn more about the Cancer Information Service.

How does Cancer Society New Zealand raise money?

Cancer Society New Zealand is funded by donors. We are not a government organisation and rely on the public for funding. Revenue streams include:

  • planned gifts (such as bequests in a Will)
  • donations from individuals or organisations
  • grants
  • corporate partners
  • fundraising activities such as Daffodil Day, Relay For Life, and independent fundraisers.
What types of research projects are funded?

As the largest charitable funder of cancer research in the country, Cancer Society New Zealand supports a wide range of promising research projects. Through our partners, the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre and the Social and Behavioural Research at Otago University, we support leading-edge projects in laboratory research, clinical trials and behavioural studies.

Learn more about the research we fund.

Is Cancer Society New Zealand annual report available online?

Yes. Our annual report is available online, along with our current and past audited financial statements.

How is Cancer Society New Zealand organised?

Cancer Society New Zealand consists of:

  • a national office in Wellington
  • 6 regional divisions
  • thousands of volunteers 
  • passionate staff

We are a community-based organisation, with local community efforts coordinated through divisional offices across the country.

Each region is a division of Cancer Society New Zealand with a volunteer Board of Directors chaired by a divisional chair.