The Longest Day - a golfer's marathon

Mark and Richard on golf course2

Mark and Richard at Omaha Beach golf course

There are challenges and there are challenges. Next month, three kiwi blokes are taking on the Longest Day Golf Challenge in the name of beating cancer - one of the biggest challenges any of us will face. With a love of golf and each having been impacted by cancer, the event was a perfect fit. As one team member says, 'It's gonna be a cracker!'.

The Longest Day Golf Challenge has been described as the golfer's marathon and involves playing 4 rounds of golf in one day. Mark, who instigated the team says it will be an early start. "We will be racing the sun to get through 72 holes before it gets dark". With just over 14 hours of sunlight on the day, the team will be aiming for 3½ hour rounds of golf. Mark recommends choosing the course strategically. "We'll be playing at Omaha. We know it well, but it's still going to be tough getting through 4 rounds. The most I've ever played is 2 rounds in one day, so this is really stepping it up."

"I've had a couple of friends who have been through cancer and come out the other side, but they needed a lot so support on the way. That's why I was keen to get involved with this cause" explains Mark. The golf club is getting behind the team promoting their event and friends have also generously supported the cause. 

In  fact, holding the Longest Day in New Zealand was Mark's idea. He saw it overseas, thought it looked like a great event and approached the Cancer Society, who agreed with him. This is the first time it's been held in Auckland and already it's getting lots of attention. 

Emily Davidson, NZ Golf comments, "I think the challenge of 4 rounds in one day really appeals to the competitive nature of golfers. New Zealand golfers are generally enthusiastic supporters of charities and cancer is an issue that affects almost everyone in one way or another, so it's not surprising to see so many golfers getting involved." 

To support Mark in his fundraising efforts you can click here, or if you are keen to find out more about the Longest Day, visit the