Suggested websites

You may be interested in looking for information about lung cancer on the internet. While there are very good websites, be aware that some websites may provide incorrect information.

We recommend that you begin with the Cancer Society's website and use our links to other good cancer websites, or see the list of following websites.

Macmillan Cancer Support (UK)

Cancer Council Victoria (Australia)

National Cancer Institute (USA)

Lung Foundation Australia

The suggested websites are not maintained by the Cancer Society of New Zealand. We only suggest sites we believe offer credible and reliable information, but we cannot guarantee that the information on such websites is correct, up-to-date or evidence-based medical information.

For more information on searching the internet ask your local Cancer Society for a copy of the information sheet "Using the Internet for Cancer Information and Support".

People talking to a health professional

We suggest you discuss any information you find with your medical team.

"After I was diagnosed with lung cancer our computers ran hot. The research and discussions went on day and night. Both kids took the time to become very knowledgeable about all aspects of lung cancer and its treatment." Colleen