A gift in your Will

What legacy will you leave?

A gift in your Will to the Cancer Society…

  • changes lives for the better by ensuring those going through cancer receive compassionate care and support
  • funds cancer research which helps people live better and longer with cancer
  • helps reduce preventable cancer through Health Promotion and Education

Including a gift to the Cancer Society Auckland Northland in your Will is easy.

To request a free information pack about leaving a gift in your Will, please click here.


How will my gift support Cancer Society?

Cancer Society is the leading non-government organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer, and ensuring the best cancer care - free of charge. As Cancer Society does not receive any direct Government funding, our work is enabled by the generosity of this community.

Cancer research is making great advances so people are living longer and better lives after a cancer diagnosis. But still each year over 21,000 New Zealanders receive the shocking news that they have cancer. The Auckland Northland region is particularly challenged because the number of people diagnosed with cancer is predicted to grow as the population ages and increases with migration.

Your bequest will ensure that nobody in the region needs to go through a cancer diagnosis and treatment alone.

Many people do not realise that bequests are our largest source of funding. The gift you leave in your Will to Cancer Society Auckland Northland is a precious contribution to support people with cancer. We are committed to honouring your gift by giving hope and care to those with cancer today and reducing cancer for tomorrow’s generation.

Just 1% of your estate would make a difference. Please remember Cancer Society in your Will.

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How to leave a gift in your Will

Our Wills are the ultimate statement of the people and causes that have mattered to us most. Deciding how to apportion our Wills is, therefore, one of the hardest decisions of our lives.

Including a gift to Cancer Society Auckland Northland in your Will is straightforward; in many cases you don’t need to make a whole new Will, just follow these four easy steps:

1.  Discuss: 
If, after taking care of your loved ones, you decide to include a gift to Cancer Society Auckland Northland in your Will, we encourage you to discuss your plans with family so they understand your wishes.

2.  Decide: 
The best way to help those with cancer is to give a share of your estate after your other commitments have been met. Because the value of your estate fluctuates, we recommend that you apportion your estate in percentages so that your estate is divided as you intended.

3. Plan: 
As a Will is a legal document we suggest you seek advice from a solicitor to ensure that your wishes are clear. It is usually straightforward to include a charitable gift in your Will. If you have an existing Will you may add a ‘codicil’ that provides an update of your wishes.

Suggested wording of a gift in your Will -

I give and bequeath to Cancer Society of New Zealand Auckland Northland Division Incorporated __% of my estate (or the sum of $....)  free of all duties to be applied to Research/ General Purposes(select one). The official receipt of an authorised officer of the organisation shall be complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor.

4.Tell us: 
We would love to thank you for remembering Cancer Society in your Will and invite you to join the Circle of Hope. If you would like to speak to someone in confidence about a gift in your Will, phone Maureen Miller on 09 308 0240.  

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Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope was established in 2012 because we want to celebrate the special people who remember Cancer Society in their Wills.

At Circle of Hope functions we enjoy the opportunity to thank you, during your lifetime, for the wonderful legacy you leave. You, and the cherished people who have chosen to support Cancer Society with a bequest, will receive personal invitations to lectures about what we are learning about cancer through research and how this impacts on the treatment and prevention of cancer. We hope you will feel proud as you learn how your bequest will contribute to caring for people with cancer.

A portion of every ‘general purpose’ bequest to Cancer Society supports cancer research by the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre. The centre is part of an international community of researchers developing drugs that help people live better and longer with cancer. With the support of the centre staff we are occasionally able to offer the very popular behind-the-scenes tours of the research laboratories.

To become a member of the Circle of Hope you simply need to tell us that you have included a gift to Cancer Society Auckland Northland in your Will by contacting Maureen Miller on 09 308 0240 or email mmiller@akcansoc.org.nz.

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Supporters like you make our work possible 

Fran“Cancer Society kept me going when I was really at a low point, (after diagnosis with a malignant brain tumour) and gave me the encouragement I needed to realise I could fight my way out of this. I’ve left Cancer Society a small bequest in my Will – it’s not a lot, but if everyone could leave something, so much amazing work could be done.”

Fran Miller, Bequest Donor


Tanja and John Schipper explain that leaving a bequest in their Wills to Cancer Society was an easy decision for them both to make. “We’re right behind all they do. I hope we can help them keep up their good work and find some sort of cure in the near future. 

Tanja & John

I am passionate about the Cancer Society and their vision to create a future with less cancer for our children.”

Tanja and John Schipper, Bequest Donors


“For me it was a no-brainer to leave a bequest to Cancer Society. They have been such an incredible support to us. I’ve worked with people who do cancer research, so I know the time and effort it takes and the lack of money, there is. If we can do our little bit to say thanks, that’s great”

Maree, Bequest Donor

Maree & Dorothea

“Cancer Society was a real source of comfort, strength and normality for me. I can’t think of a better place to leave my money. My children know how much help we received, and they fully support my decision to leave this bequest.”

 Dorothea, Bequest Donor

To request a free information pack about leaving a gift in your Will, please click here.

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