Davis Carr Cancer Society Endowment Trust

The Davis Carr Cancer Society Endowment Trust is named after two visionary beneficiaries: Sir Ernest Davis, Chairman of Cancer Society Auckland (1935 -1948) and his daughter Mollie Carr and her husband Ted. Through their estates a joint lead gift was made to establish the Trust.Kids jumping

Gifts received by the Cancer Society for the specific purpose of the Davis Carr Cancer Society Endowment Trust are not spent, but instead invested prudently by the Society in perpetuity in the Davis Carr Domain Lodge Endowment Trust. In years that the Cancer Society needs additional income for Domain Lodge and its core patient services (other than funds raised for annual budget), the Society will apply to the Trustees of the Endowment Trust for a percentage of the net income derived from this enduring fund.

For more information click here, or contact Candy Schroder, Manager Fundraising, via email at cschroder@akcansoc.org.nz or phone on (09) 308 0492.

*The Cancer Society encourages all donors and potential donors to seek independent professional advice on all matters relating to their gift planning, including charitable taxation.