How to start up workplace giving

Payroll giving enables your employees to donate directly to Cancer Society through their pay and receive an immediate 33% tax rebate.

As an employer, you can be eligible to offer Payroll giving to your staff if you lodge your monthly schedule and deduction form electronically with IRD. For more details click here.

Cancer Society is an approved donee organisation with IRD.

Our details are:

Legal Name:                    Auckland Division Cancer Society of New Zealand Incorporated

Operating Name:             Cancer Society Auckland Northland

Postal Address:               PO Box 1724, Auckland 1140

Charities Commission #: CC22556

Donee number:               10-008-131

Bank Account:                 06-0193-0198585-00

Bank:                              ANZ

You must pass on the donated funds from your employees in a timely fashion – usually within a maximum of 2 months. For details click here 

At the completion of the tax year Cancer Society will provide you with an acknowledgement letter detailing the donations made from your employees through the tax year.

To get the most out of your Payroll giving, let us know that you have signed up by emailing your organisation’s contact details to or by phoning 09 930 7172.