Tips and tools talks

Free Tips and tools talks for adults with cancer and their supporters are held at:

  • Domain Lodge, Grafton. Click here for more information.

These helpful talks are designed to provide you with information, resources and Image of adult holding child's handstrategies to help cope with the impact of cancer. 

Talks are run by experienced Cancer Society psychologists.

Topics include:

“Sleeping easy” - Hear about practical strategies that can help you get a good night’s sleep.

“Relaxation and Managing stress” - Recognise the signs of stress and learn ways to help prevent burnout.

“Riding the emotional rollercoaster” - Learn coping skills for the emotions experienced by many people facing cancer.

“Super-sizing your support” - How to talk about cancer and get the most out of your support.

“Strategies for supporters” - Learn how to look after yourself when you are supporting someone with cancer.