Cancer sufferers applaud National's cancer-care policy

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Aucklander Troy Elliott, whose wife Tracey's cancer has spread to her brain, is putting their house on the market tomorrow to pay for expensive cancer drugs.

Elliott was a special guest at the National Party's annual conference today and applauded its announcement today to put $200 million over four years towards proven cancer drugs.

National would also set up an independent, expert-led cancer agency to get rid of the "postcode lottery" system that currently provides different treatment to different patients, depending on where they live.

The Cancer Society welcomed National's announcement and called for a national expert leadership to be appointed, free from political interference.

"Our outcomes have been falling further behind our cousins in Australia and Canada because successive governments have dropped the ball on cancer," the society's medical director Dr Chris Jackson said.

"That's why we need experts appointed to lead the cancer programme nationally, free from political interference, and the funding for them to do their job.

"The last National government abolished the Cancer Control Council, so we're pleased to see that they've changed their minds about national cancer leadership."

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