Cancer Society call for urgency on Smoke-free 2025 action plan and vaping regulations

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The Smoke-free action plan and vaping regulations are now overdue.

“We are very supportive of the commitment to develop a plan that achieves Smoke-free 2025 but we need to speed things up,” says Shayne Nahu, Manager Advocacy and Well-being, Cancer Society of New Zealand.

The Cancer Society want to see a commitment to reducing the availability of tobacco by lowering the number of retail outlets that can sell tobacco products as a key part of the plan.

“Alongside this we want to make sure comprehensive cessation services are being provided which meet community needs,” continues Nahu.

“We want New Zealanders to stop dying from tobacco, and for some people vaping can help them quit,” says Nahu.

Currently, there is a gap in regulatory oversight and this has paved the way for e-cigarettes to be freely advertised and sold in New Zealand.

“Though we do not yet fully understand the long-term risks of vaping, we know vaping is less harmful than continuing to smoke tobacco” says Nahu.

“However, we urgently need vaping regulations in place to protect young people and non-smokers” says Nahu.

The Cancer Society along with ASH, other NGOs and School Principals associations have signed an open letter to Minister Salesa calling for urgent action to protect our rangatahi.

’t want to see a new cohort of people addicted to nicotine-containing vapes,” says Nahu.

 “We don’t know the full picture yet. Vaping is not the silver bullet and we need a comprehensive action plan to achieve Smokefree 2025.”


For more information please contact:

Mary Direen, Communications and Marketing Manager, Cancer Society of New Zealand   021 801 243

Angie Cairncross, Communications Advisor, Cancer Society of New Zealand   021 222 8076