Smokefree Outdoor Dining

Making outdoor dining areas Smokefree is great for staff, customers and for business. Research shows that patrons and staff are exposed to harmful levels of second-hand smoke in outdoor dining areas. In addition research has shown Aucklanders want Smokefree outdoor dining and that it is good for business.

Click here for a free guide to making your outdoor areas smokefree >


High public support for Smokefree outdoor dining


Smokefree outdoor dining: good for business


Go Smokefree at your establishment

Here is a guide for cafés, restaurants and licensed venues around making outdoor dining spaces Smokefree.

For additional help on how to make your café/restaurant Smokefree please contact us on


Smokefree outdoor dining signage 

Please find pdf's for signage and stickers designed by Cancer Society Auckland.



Encourage your favourite restaurant to make outdoor dining Smokefree

To encourage your favourite restaurant to make their outdoor dining Smokefree tell them on Trip Advisor or Zomato.


To keep up to date with what’s happening with Smokefree outdoor dining

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