Smokefree Northland

All three Northland Councils have Smokefree policies in place for their playgrounds, reserves, sports grounds and parks. Whangarei Bus Shelters and the Rose St transport hub have also become smokefree and presently, together with Whangarei District Council, we are looking at ways to increase smokefree environments within the Whangarei region

It’s all about the kids – being smokefree role models for them, showing them that smoking is not a ‘normal’ activity and helping to reduce the chance they will start to smoke.

We continue to work with communities to encourage our Northland Tobacco Retailers to become tobacco free and support the wellbeing of their local community. We have developed a Toolkit to resource communities to approach retailers in their areas. You can access the toolkit here and also look for tobacco-free

We are also working on Smokefree Cars which is on the agenda nationally, along with plain packaging of tobacco products. A Toolkit to resource communities to raise awareness with communities is in development and will be available soon.

Developing Smokefree environments supports future generations of our New Zealand children to be free from exposure to tobacco so they can enjoy smokefree lives and bringing us closer to achieving a Smokefree New Zealand by 2025.